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Kerry Park, what a view!

March 4, 2009

Kerry Park is awesome! Well, it’s more like a grassy knoll with a view but what a view!

I’d been here once before with some buddies a few years back but decided that it was time to take the lady. Also, a perfect day and perfect excuse for a motorcycle ride.

Once there we got some pics with my phone so take a gander :). I’m looking pretty beardy because of a mustache contest at work, but that’s another story.


Seattle is beautiful

February 21, 2009

Seattle is truely a beautiful city. I decided to take my new motorcycle for a spin with my girlfriend Audrey on the back and decided to park at one of the piers. This is the picture I took with my iPhone.

Isn’t Seattle grande?!


Seattle Fog

February 19, 2009

Nature can be beautiful, but so can downtown Seattle. Occasionally a fog will roll in and it’s just like a fresh layer of snow that covers up all the dirt and makes things look new again.

Here’s a picture as the fog is rolling out. Not the best picture, but the only foggy one I’ve taken.


Snow in Seattle

February 18, 2009

Would ya look a that! Snow all over the place! Seattle really does look nice covered in snow. Now I’m hoping it snows again next year. Of course, I walk to work, the grocery store, etc so I’m lucky like that.


Seafair Tourchlight Parade

July 28, 2008

This was my first look at the Seafair Torchlight Parade in Seattle. It was nice bring able to watch it from my balcony with friends, and with much alcohol consumption.

First of all, there’s no torches. It’s just called that because it occurrs late in the evening. It started at 7:30pm and didn’t end until around 9:30pm. This parade wasn’t as good as the Gay Pride Parade a few weeks ago but that’s a hard act to follow.

One thing this parade had though was the giant balloons. I was watching from my balcony at 5th and Blanchard so I could see the tops of the giant balloons traveling down 4th before I saw them entirely at the 4th and Blanchard intersection.

Anyways, good times for everyone. I think of WOULD be sweet if there were some torch jugglers as well but oh well.




Spring Break

July 23, 2008


Spring Break Graffiti In Belltown

Spring Break Graffiti In Belltown

     What the hell is all this ‘Spring Break’ graffiti showing up in Belltown?  This isn’t even of an artistic nature but just a crude penis and the words ‘Spring Break’ on each one.  When I first noticed this I saw it among other graffiti and didn’t think anything of it.  Then I was walking down 5th Ave and noticed it again a few blocks down from the first.

     Now I’m seeing it on Blanchard and Lenora as well.  C’mon fella, get some new material!  I would prefer no graffiti at all but if you must: get some class!  This crap is officially pissing me off.  If I catch the guy that’s doing this I’m going to get some good pictures and send it to KOMO Problem Solvers or something.  Maybe I’ll go out and get a paintball gun and hang out on my balcony all stealth-like and pop a paintball cap in his ass.

     Has anyone else seen this graffiti around, anywhere else besides Belltown?  God forbid this guy decides to expand his penis empire to Capital Hill or Queen Ann.  Maybe I’ll start a Neighborhood Penis-Graffiti-Man Watch.