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March 15, 2009

Well, I’ve made the leap into Twitter.  I’ve decided to focus on Belltown and have chosen to follow people in the Belltown area.  So far I’ve really enjoyed it!

It’s much more than just mundane updates on daily routines.  For instance, I’m following one Seattle P.I. employee and I’m getting updates about it’s status and the inner workings of those caught in the closure.   My apartment and condo hunting has me following a realtor and keeping and eye on apartment complexes with Twitter accounts.  I’m also following a Belltown crime twitter account so I get the latest updates on issue that matter to me.

On a separate note:  It’s snowing outside.  My new motorcycle is begging to be ridden, but is instead freezing to death in the garage.  Patience is a virtue I suppose.



Seattle Fog

February 19, 2009

Nature can be beautiful, but so can downtown Seattle. Occasionally a fog will roll in and it’s just like a fresh layer of snow that covers up all the dirt and makes things look new again.

Here’s a picture as the fog is rolling out. Not the best picture, but the only foggy one I’ve taken.


Snow in Seattle

February 18, 2009

Would ya look a that! Snow all over the place! Seattle really does look nice covered in snow. Now I’m hoping it snows again next year. Of course, I walk to work, the grocery store, etc so I’m lucky like that.


Tula’s on 2nd Ave

August 19, 2008

I went to Tula’s on 2nd Ave recently and I gotta say it’s an excellent place to listen to jazz music! There was a $5 dollar cover at the door for this particular event. Apparantly the cover charge is determined by the band.

I went back the next week and there was a $10 cover. Either way, I dig this place and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys jazz music (and happens to be near 2nd and Blanchard in Belltown).