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March 15, 2009

Well, I’ve made the leap into Twitter.  I’ve decided to focus on Belltown and have chosen to follow people in the Belltown area.  So far I’ve really enjoyed it!

It’s much more than just mundane updates on daily routines.  For instance, I’m following one Seattle P.I. employee and I’m getting updates about it’s status and the inner workings of those caught in the closure.   My apartment and condo hunting has me following a realtor and keeping and eye on apartment complexes with Twitter accounts.  I’m also following a Belltown crime twitter account so I get the latest updates on issue that matter to me.

On a separate note:  It’s snowing outside.  My new motorcycle is begging to be ridden, but is instead freezing to death in the garage.  Patience is a virtue I suppose.



Kerry Park, what a view!

March 4, 2009

Kerry Park is awesome! Well, it’s more like a grassy knoll with a view but what a view!

I’d been here once before with some buddies a few years back but decided that it was time to take the lady. Also, a perfect day and perfect excuse for a motorcycle ride.

Once there we got some pics with my phone so take a gander :). I’m looking pretty beardy because of a mustache contest at work, but that’s another story.


Mustache Contest!

March 2, 2009

My work held a mustache contest and I decided to participate. Having never grown facial hair beyond the ‘scruffy’ look this was an experiment for me.

What am I capable of growing? Well, although the result isn’t stellar, I think I grew a pretty respectable mustache. I was nowhere near winning the contest but I was nowhere near last place either.