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Seattle is beautiful

February 21, 2009

Seattle is truely a beautiful city. I decided to take my new motorcycle for a spin with my girlfriend Audrey on the back and decided to park at one of the piers. This is the picture I took with my iPhone.

Isn’t Seattle grande?!


Seattle Fog

February 19, 2009

Nature can be beautiful, but so can downtown Seattle. Occasionally a fog will roll in and it’s just like a fresh layer of snow that covers up all the dirt and makes things look new again.

Here’s a picture as the fog is rolling out. Not the best picture, but the only foggy one I’ve taken.


Snow in Seattle

February 18, 2009

Would ya look a that! Snow all over the place! Seattle really does look nice covered in snow. Now I’m hoping it snows again next year. Of course, I walk to work, the grocery store, etc so I’m lucky like that.