My first post.

July 22, 2008

This is my first blog using WordPress. It seems to have all the typical bells and whistles that make a blog work. What’s attracted me to begin using WordPress is that I read, just today, that there will be a WordPress iPhone application being released soon. WordPress for the iPhone HAS been released. I’m downloading it now and syncing my phone.

I’m really hoping that this works better than the blogger mobile blogging by emailing go@blogger.com to post. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the WordPress version will support landscape keyboard either. Here’s hoping (fingers crossed)! I’ll update in a few once I’ve used it. And now I wait. . .

Well, I’m using my iPhone now and as I thought, NO LANDSCAPE keypad option!

C’mon WordPress developers, do any of you even own an iPhone?! Please please please update this application to allow landscape typing! I suppose the 1.0 isn’t going to be perfect, meh.

Here’s to my first post on WordPress!


It also appears that pictures must be added at the right time while typing because there’s no moving the location of code. This could, of course, be fixed if the iPhone had cut and paste but that’s another story.


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